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Bienvenue Confiture Parisienne

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

June 17, 2019, I arrived in Paris France with the Artist to assist him with setting up his 3-month exhibit at the Château de Monte Cristo. I also arrived in Paris wanting to find French businesses with just the right products to add to my own product line. On one of our Paris walks the Artist peered into a shop window and turned to me and told me to look because they were making jam. I looked at the shop sign and discovered that we were looking into the window of Confiture Parisienne.

Confiture Parisienne is a jam making laboratory and boutique shop located in the 12th arrondissement (district). After visiting their boutique shop to sample their exquisite jams and food pairings, I knew I wanted to add their jams to my product line to sell in America. In October I enrolled in their Masterclass so I could experience just how their artisan jams are made.

Six of their jams are now available through our online shop. Please visit the shop to make your selections. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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Adu Jahmal
Jun 18, 2020

Great read as well👍🎩🌹


Adu Jahmal
Jun 18, 2020

Great photo journalism from Paris Bravo 👏🎩🌹

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